PY358 MossTomo - Moss in Decorative Box


  • Giftset of Closed system moss terrarium & preserved moss decorations
  • A box of Ferrero Rocher (16pcs) 
  • Function of terrarium: adding sence of greenery and absorb electromagnetic radiation
  • Freatures 1 unit ChemisTree (S), 1 unit ChemisTree (M)
  • Giftset size: approx. 22cm x 22cm 

Important Notes for Moss Terrarium

  • Watering: Mist spray once a month (filtered water only)
  • Temperature: Indoor (10°C -32°C)
  • Location: Indoor with sufficient light (eg. LED lamp) Avoid direct sunlight
  • Lifespan: 1-3 years with proper care
  • Note: Lifespan is based on TerraLiving intensive testing and data extrapolation from understanding the biology of mosses
  • Moss design may vary and decorative materials may be substituted depending on availability

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IMPORTANT NOTE TO BUYER: Moss and decorative materials vary everyday due to season and stock availability. What you receive might be different from the photo shown on this page. 

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